About Us

Who We Are

  • AfroHealthLink is an interactive health resource center tailored to individuals of African and Caribbean descent around the world.  This web-based platform goes beyond just a basic health information website but brings together evidence based health information around medical conditions and tools to efficiently manage health.  

    With access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health tools and information, users of this interactive resource center can effectively manage their medical conditions as well as prevent further complications.


    Additionally, Users will have the ability to:


    Locate culturally competent providers

    Share success stories via discussions

    Pose health questions to providers

    Find community resources available to users

    Get Up-to-date actionable information on research findings and available clinical trials


    With health information in languages that they can relate to, AfroHealthLink aims at reducing the current disparities associated with lack of adequate access to health care information and resources faced by this population.

    Ultimately, AfroHealthLink will serve as an online coalition-builder between individuals and healthcare communities within the communities that they live in.


    Future Functionalities include:


    Access to Online Patient Navigators

    Access to Telehealth and Telemedicine Services


    AfroHealthLink will be launched with six medical conditions to address and encourage users to engage in conversations around, AfroHealthLink will expand to other Medical conditions as the program progresses:



    Heart Disease,

    High Blood Pressure,

    Breast Cancer,

    Prostate Cancer,

    Colon Cancer and HIV