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  • Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    Some Codes are made to be broken. Not ours.

    AfroHealthLink is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where users can access up-to-date information about medical conditions and share insights about how they are managing their condition and get input from other users about what works and how to overcome challenges.  ... View More+

  • Research Matters

    Research Matters

    Advances in Medicine

    Research Matters brings to you new and promising articles on medical advancements. Research presented will be in different stages of development and will reference the country funding the research. At this stage, we will focus on novel research around the medical conditions that... View More+

  • Healthy Heart Recipes

    Healthy Heart Recipes

    Eating Healthy for a Better Life

    Users can find helpful easy to make recipes anywhere they see the Kitchen Image on the AfroHealthLink Platform. As we progress we would showcase videos on how to prepare these recipes and get input from experts around the world about what works in maintaining a healthy diet. 

  • Medical Conditions

    Medical Conditions

    Chronic and Infectious Diseases

    AfroHealthLink has selected six medical conditions to address in the initial launch and encourages users to engage in conversations around these as this will help us understand what specific issues and challenges need to be addressed to improve health outcomes. AfroHealthLink will expand to... View More+

  • Discussion Threads

    Discussion Threads

    How to Participate

    AfroHealthLink encourages three types of discussions around medical conditions:  1. Patient – Patient Discussions:  Also referred to as the general discussion will enable patients find how other people with similar background and medical condition are facing... View More+

  • Health Advice & Tips

    Health Advice & Tips

    Living Well

    AfroHealthLink will post new articles or tips on how to users can manage or prevent medical conditions and will give users the opportunity to discuss the issue or solution. Discussions around a specific topic will be open for two weeks.  Although the moderated discussion will close at the... View More+